Sustainable Cities


AJE and its bottled water brand, CIELO, has started a new project in line with its compromise to preserve the environment.

An alliance between the ONG Inkaterra Association, AJE and the Machu Picchu Municipality found an efficient solution for Macchu Picchu to be the first Peruvian and Latin-American city to manage most of its solid residues responsibly. The first initiative was made in 2017 with the donation the Plastic Residue Compacting Plant. In 2018, the project won the German Die Goldene Palme Prize in the “Responsible Tourism” category and the Leaders +1 Prize.

Compacting Plant

Inkaterra and AJE gave SERNANP a Plastic Residue Compacting Plant destined to the cleaning and recycling in the Camino Inca, the most famous trekking route in South America. This plant was the first project’s action to turn Machu Picchu in a sustainable city.

Biodiesel Plant

The Transformation from oil to biodiesel and glycerine plant recovers vegetable oils used in the Machu Picchu homes and restaurants, avoiding them being thrown in the Vilcanota River. The retrieved Glycerine is used by the Municipality to clean floors, replacing chemical products.

Organic Residue Plant

The Organic Residue Treating Plant has the capacity to process 4 tons of residue and generate bio coal or vegetal coal, a natural fertilizer that will help intensify the agroforest productivity around the Historical Sanctuary.

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