Our identity

AJE is compromised with a new dream, inspiring and transforming a sustainable world renewing our visual identity as an expression of that compromise. Every icon, inspired in our origin and millennial culture has a special meaning in its essence and represents our effort for adopting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The Amazon

It symbolizes our flexibility and ability to adapt to changes with agility according to the circumstances. All this while maintaining our commitment to nature and sustainability


It represents the personality of our people, dreamer who are committed to fulfilling the dream of inspiring and transforming AJE towards a sustainable world.


Represents all of our effort, speed and passion for boosting innovative actions that contribute to the business profitability, reducing environmental impact with our operations. Protecting our vulnerable ecosystems.

Passion for a Healthy and Natural World

Our new business model drives our partners, collaborators, markets, to work together for a more prosperous future. By fighting climate change, generating economic and social progress, working with communities, supporting independent companies and entrepreneurs, we seek to increase opportunities and well-being where we operate.

Contributing towards global objectives in a sustainable way

We recognize the opportunity presented by the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the involvement of the private sector in overcoming the major challenges facing society.

We will contribute to the development of the ODS, recognizing their strategic importance to our business and the world, and are committed to helping achieve them. At AJE, we make this commitment, adapting it to the context in which we operate. Therefore, from 2020 we are announcing our specific contribution to Agenda 2030.