Natural Revolution

Super fruit beverages to help conserve our Amazonian forest.

Under the BIO brand, the Peruvian group is realizing actions that revalorize the Peruvian Amazon Forest, fomenting the maintenance and care of the forests and strengthening its guardians, the Pacaya Samiria National Reservoir communities through the buy of Amazonian super fruits like aguaje and camu camu.

AJE is looking to create a sustainability triangle with beneficial products for the consumer’s health, thanks to its natural components that help the Peruvian forest’s conservation. In that sense, a compromise with the Amazonian communities has been realized. The Company will only use fruits from non-cut down palm tres to ensure the ecosystems sustainability.

5.5 million hectares

The sum of the National Reservoir Pacaya Samiria and Abanico de Pastaza has an area higher than 5.5 million hectares.

+ 700 species

Protecting more than 700 bird species, 120 mammal species and more fish species than in the Atlantic Ocean.

+ 40% retained carbon dioxide

If this area is protected, we will directly contribute in the fight against global warming since it has more than 40% of retained carbon dioxide, which if freed would be equivalent to 39 times the 2019 Australian fires.

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