• A new way of looking at fruit
  • Available in Peru, Ecuador, Central America, Venezuela and Bolivia
  • Introducing the Pulp Family

Our latest campaigns

  • What's good about fruit is inside

    Our latest campaign highlights the nutritional value of Pulp, high in fruit content and vitamins, while presenting the brand’s new image and packaging. It also introduces our brand ambassadors: “the Pulp Family”.

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Our range of products

  • Pulp offers a range of delicious fruit flavours: apple, orange, peach and mango
  • Available flavours vary from country to country.






Our philosophy

Pulp is a nutritious and delicious beverage for the whole family produced with natural ingredients.

Pulp has a high content of fruit and vitamins; both parents and children can enjoy it.

Pulp invites you to see life in a happy and enjoyable way.