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AJE fact sheet


As one of the largest multinational beverage companies, AJE offers high quality products at a fair price.



Key Facts


Established in 1988
Globally AJE is the 10th largest soft drink company in sales volume and the 4th largest producer of carbonated soft drinks (source: Euromonitor, 2011)
We have 13,000 direct and indirect employees
AJE is present in over 23 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa
Annual sales are 3.6 billion litres
Sustained growth in sales volume in recent years: 22% on average (between 2000 and 2013)


Our Corporate Purpose


To Inspire, Empower and Transform a World without Limits


In AJE we believe in a bigger world, where more people dream bigger; we believe in going further, in enjoying the good things in life, and in growing and prospering together.


In AJE we want to fulfil dreams: DREAM BIGGER



Our Vision


DREAM BIGGER: If you can dream it, it can be done



Our Brands


Our flagship brand is BIG Cola, which is sold in all the markets where AJE operates. Our portfolio of global brands is complemented by CIELO (water), Cifrut (fruit drink), Pulp (juice), Sporade (sports drink), VOLT (energy drink), BIG Fresh (carbonated drink) and Cool Tea (tea).


 AJE Global Brands


Our Business Model


With a firm commitment to “democratizing consumption”, AJE focuses on new consumer groups to whom it provides access to high quality products at a fair price.


In AJE we understand the particularities of the emerging markets in which we operate, as well as the needs and expectations of their consumers, and we offer them brands that satisfy their preferences and aspirations. AJE is focused on the youth of these countries, who represent 70% of their populations, and seeks to inspire them to achieve greater things.


In addition, AJE’s business model is unique; it is based on distribution partnerships and networks that help partner companies and communities grow, creating employment opportunities and wellbeing. This is one of the ways in which AJE supports and encourages entrepreneurship, a value that is part of its DNA.


We believe business should be a force for good. We are a family-run business, with a strong culture and values, who seeks to make a positive impact on our world.


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