Working at AJE

1. Our people


In AJE we view our People as the key component to making our objectives and dreams come true. Therefore we dedicate ourselves to attracting, training, developing and retaining the best talent.


In AJE we foster an environment where our corporate Values (Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Passion, Challenger, Brotherhood) are put into practice consistently in order to achieve together our company’s Vision: “To DREAM BIGGER”



AJE Culture:

  • The power of our dreams: We believe that to grow every day, we have to believe in our dreams and develop strategies in order to achieve them.
  • The power to dare: AJE’s success is based on our people who are open to new challenges and dare to face them.
  • The power to transform the conventional: We reinvent ourselves every day and believe we can change the world with our innovative ideas.


2. The AJE Experience


In AJE you will find:

  • Professional development opportunities, a multicultural setting and constant growth
  • International career development
  • Capacity for innovation


Do you dream of being able to work in over 23 countries?

  • In AJE we seek professionals like you who want to make your professional and personal plans a reality.


  • AJE has manufacturing operations in: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Reunion Island, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. And its two corporate headquarters are located in Peru and Spain.


Depending on your professional profile you could develop your career in one of our operations or in our corporate headquarters. The three main areas where you can find opportunities include:

  • Sales and marketing
    • Sales
    • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality
    • Purchasing
    • Logistics
  • Administration and Finance
    • Accounting
    • Treasury
    • Business Performance
    • Finance
    • Tax
    • Information Technology
    • Human Resources
    • Legal
    • Audit
    • Communication
    • Bottling Partners