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Franquicias AJEAfter establishing itself in more than 23 countries in 3 continents with a Business Model that has enabled the company to have full ownership and control of its operations, AJE decided in 2013 to open itself to local partnerships to develop new international markets.


Since then, the prefered Business Model when deciding to enter a new market has been through local partners. This is enabling AJE to gain much greater speed in the globalization of our Brands.


Our partnerships always include an exclusive licence to manufacture and distribute our Brands.


’AJE is an ideal partner for private businesses as they share a common language and understands its needs because it comes from a similar environment. We believe in partnerships and will value a partner who shares our culture and values, since we are aiming at a long-term, mutually beneficial agreement. Within this partnership, AJE will always provide global brand management (we will handle ATL investment, corporate sponsorships, etc.), R&D services, technical assistance both in manufacturing and in marketing/distribution, purchasing power and a strong focus in our core business, soft drinks.


Franquicias AJEA typical new licence would require an investment in manufacturing equipment and distribution capacities. AJE will support the potential partner to determine the viability of a new project. Of course, a partner who is already bottling complementary products would see the investment significantly reduced.


Partners are required to have a thorough knowledge of how to operate the local market and enough financial strength to follow a growing manufacturing and distribution business. Partners with experience in manufacturing and with an existing distribution network are clearly favoured.


If you believe that a partnership with AJE in your market can make sense, please fill the following form and we will be happy to contact you and guide you through the process of developing a project together.




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In the future development of a feasibility study the applicant takes full responsibility for the completeness and authenticity of the original data and calculations. For all input data and calculated values, ​​sources shall be indicated. Deliberate distortion of the data provided by the applicant may be grounds for termination of the examination and rejection of the project:

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