Our business and growth model

AJE’s business model

AJE’s business model is based on three main pillars:

  • ensuring that our brands are ‘lovemarks’ for our consumers,
  • having an efficient go-to-market and distribution strategy,
  • and a strong focus on controlling costs throughout the organization.


One of our main objectives at AJE is to position our global drinks brands as “love marks”, i.e. as brands that command both respect and love from our consumers. BIG Cola, BIG Fresh, CIELO, Cifrut, Cool Tea, Pulp, Sporade and VOLT have established an intimate and emotional relationship with their consumers based on trust.


Our distribution model is tailored to answer the specific needs of emerging markets. 92% of AJE’s sales are to third party distributors and small retailers. Sales through wholesalers represent 8% of our sales. This model is efficient and gives us the ability to enter emerging markets quickly and establish a distribution system that involves a range of local partners and small entrepreneurs. Currently, AJE has more than 100 distribution centres worldwide. Our brands are now available in 23 countries throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa.


Our focus on controlling costs at AJE is another key to our success. We can offer our consumers high quality products at a fair price due to the constant attention we pay to efficiencies in the whole value chain.

AJE’s growth model

With 28 years of experience, AJE is the 4th largest company in sales volume of non alcoholic beverages and the 3rd in soft drinks in those countries where it operates (source: Canadean Annual Soft Drinks – Wisdom – 2014)


As part of AJE’s growth and expansion strategy, we consider working with strong local partners in emerging countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa with high growth potential in the drinks sector. Our local partners – who can act as AJE’s local franchisees – contribute strong local expertise and market insights to the growth of our brands. AJE wants to grow together with its franchise partners and expand the beverage market in new markets.

Should you be interested in a franchising opportunity with AJE, please contact: franchise@ajegroup.com




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